“I love your book. Started it yesterday and the questions at the end of the day took me to a place I haven't been in a long time. Very biblically sound. I'm impressed!" - David B., New Jersey 


About the book: 


Imagine walking into a boardroom, sales meeting, or investor presentation sustained by the peace of the Lord, driven by profound joy in His presence, and empowered by a hopeful expectation of His blessing.


Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, followers of Jesus possess the greatest power in the universe! With this amazing power comes a profound responsibility: to lead the forefront of modern business and innovation for the glory of God. The Kingdom-Empowered Entrepreneur will help you do just that.


This book is a personal boot camp for Christian entrepreneurs and business people.

Matt Bell takes you through Biblical principles that are essential for every business owner to know and practice. Each section includes prayers and exercises to activate your faith and unlock revelation for the marketplace.


This book will impart useful Biblical insights on your role as an entrepreneur, igniting your spiritual passion and fueling your business pursuits.

The Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur (signed copy)

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  • This is the first of many books to come by Matthew Bell, a prophetic businessman and serial entrepreneur. Matthew's goal for this book is to see God's people unlock their supernatural gifts and utilize biblical principles for application in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. His greatest hope is to see the church rise up and access supernatural strategies from heaven to transform culture through innovative business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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